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    The Land And The People

    Despite its modest, 11,300 square-kilometre size, there’s something big about the Gambia. The ocean fringed with beaches of fine white sand: The sunny but temperate climate all year-round, even during the gloomiest months in Europe and North America: the varied landscapes, ranging from the tree-studded savanna of the saloum on the Senegalese border in the north to the forest of cassamance in the south.

    This landscape has resulted from the osmosis between the Gambia’s clear waters and the ocean tides that wash up the river all the way to the first fold in the terrain. The endless varied salinity level has given rise to a broad spectrum of plant life, including both tree spices and crops. The scenery is completely flat, except for the low hill in the east leading up to more impressive height of the neighbouring Fouta Jallon mountain range.

    The Gambia is narrow, winding country that measure just 40 kilometres across at its widest point.

    Legend has it that the boundaries were drawn when the English warship steaming upriver fire cannonballs port and starboard.

    The furthest points of impact 20kilometers on either side-where used to demarcate the borders. That distance increases towards the south, when the aquatic serpent open its mouth 12kilometers wide as it flows into the Atlantic: wedged between river and ocean, the western division is up to 70 kilometres wide from cape point to the border with Cassamance.

    Map of Gambia

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