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    Experience an ethnic event in Ndemban, a village known for sporting, entertainment and cultural events. Ndemban has been a centre of excellence for sporting activities from time immemorial. This special event is the first in its kind in the Gambia and the sub-region. It is an event that offers a lot of things to do and to see within the Gambian culture. The event will offer the opportunity to feel and experience the ethnic attraction of the rural Gambia, such as colorful folk-life, native costumes, house types, customs, regional food and drinks. Ndemban is giving you the opportunity to experience memorable and fun filled entertainment. So please don’t miss this great expedition on this special day.


    • To change Ndemban image nationally and to raise its profile on the international stage providing a focus on the culture and leisure as part of the diversified socio-economic development base which the village has created and a means to attract inward sponsor to support the initiation, in helping renew our cultural activities in rural Gambia.
    • To play an integral role in stimulating the local community to collaborate and therefore increase the opportunities for retaining ethnic activities in rural Gambia.


    1. To link with major sponsoring bodies for supporting Special Interest Tourism (SIT) in Ndemban rural Gambia, to make the village potential as a centre For ethnic events..
    2. To work closely with local and international bodies in ensuring quality and sustainable tourism in particular with respect to international learning skills.
    3. To maximise Ndemban national and international visibility (village marketing) via television and other media of its village activities programmes.
    4. To develop opportunities for involving and providing for the village women entertainment group in the Ndemban.
    5. To promote relocate to Ndemban opportunities for SIT organisations and governing bodies and emphasis the village’s potential as a major base for associate activities.
    6. To attempt to spread the burden and risk associated with our culture to include all those who might benefit from the event being staged in the village
    7. To increase penetration of the village and develop an extension of the tourism market to a region catchment’s area and to broader cross-section of the tourist’s groups.
    8. To dovetail into existing tourism development and community and ensure best use of available resources on our cultural assets
    9. To exploit the opportunities for corporate hospitality as a way of generating income to off-set the event staging costs
    10. To promote cross-cultural interaction with the host community and the visitors.
    11. To give opportunities to the community in bringing the ethnic activities back in its stand.
    12. To deliver the operational within an agree budget.

    Schedule time for the event:

    09:00: Depart from your hotel with an awakening beauty of the Real Gambia Experience tour leaves for Ndemban, A trip through the culture rich land to village.

    10:00: A very hospitable welcome by the villagers and the national cultural troop await you at colley compound

    11:00: Introduction to the special guests to the village

    11:30: Introduction of the village and Cabilo elders.

    12:00: Introduction to the village and regional culture

    13:00: Walk to the lower basic school in the village

    13:30: walk to the mangrove palm ecosystem where you will be having lunch with magnificent view. This will be typically Gambian hospitality relax while served with our home juices and dishes.

    15:00: the venue is endowed with large trees like baobab, silk cotton trees, mangroves and wildlife; i.e. reptiles, birds and monkeys. The village consist of different ethnic groups of Jola, Mandika, Fula, Manjagoes and serere. So you enjoy seeing Ndemban Women Cultural Drama Group (‘KHANELLENG KAFOO’) in the village.

    15:45: Cultural entertainment and dance by a special National Cultural Troop in the Gambia.

    17:00: Football competition between the best two team in Foni Berefet rural Gambia western region. (Ndemban vs Bessi)

    19:30: Relax at the compound whilst your meals been prepared. Enjoy the cross-cultural interaction with the host community.

    20:00: Enjoy our home specialities in an atmosphere of tranquillity and friendly service.

    21:00: Farewell party with an entertainment music with the National cultural troop.

    21:30 depart to your hotel

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