The Gallery - Here are some photographs of some of the places and people that have been out with me.

Visiting a local school and meeting the children

Moses tries his hand at teaching

A day out inm the mangroves

A walk in the park

These are real crocodiles!

mangroves on a boat with the locals
A day out in the mangroves on a boat with the locals.

Juice Bar
Juice Bar on the beach.

Gambian Well
A Gambian Well.

sunshine on the beach
Enjoying some fruit in the sunshine on the beach.

paradise with friends
Another day in paradise with friends.

Juice bar
Juice bar reloaded

local school
A visit to a local school.

Local people
Local people making wooden articles.

Local children
Local children having fun.

Charley the crocodile.

the beach
On the beach

Gambia style fishing

Back country
Back country scenery

the hotels
Me at one of the hotels having some lunch

safari time
On Safari

gone native
Some of my customers have gone native

Local cuisine
Local cuisine served up on the boat.

the jungle
Rumble in the jungle

More friends

Party Time

Planning the day
Planning the day at a hotel