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    Here are details of our latest excursions, there are a lot more places to visit, should you wish to go elsewhere or have a specific wish please let us know as we are able to put together bespoke packages for you;

    1. Ethnic Experience & Local school visit
    2. Senegal Experience
    3. Georgetown trip / overnight
    4. TDA Tour
    5. Ethnic cruising
    6. Abuko Nature Reserve and Lamin Lodge
    7. Roots trip by Land

    Please have a look at our itenerary and prices for further information.

    Ethnic Experience & Local school visit

     This is an opportunity to feel and experience the ethnic attraction of the rural Gambia, such as colourful folk-life, native costumes, house types, customs, regional food and drinks. This is trip that is giving you the opportunity to experience memorable and fun filled entertainment.

    This trip will take you to see the garden nursery where you will see how local women worked at allotments growing their own food, this project is Government funded to help Gambian women.

    You will then be taken to the Colley-Smith Soffora nursery, where you will be warmly greeted by mums, teachers and approx 73 children. Get the children to sing a welcoming song for you and then join them to sing nursery songs and Rhymes and also listen to them reading their letter sounds (phonics). This is another chance to have direct contact to the children as they will all want to talk to you and hold your hands; it is a pretty emotional time.

    Take pencils, pens, exercise books, flash cards, wall posters for learning aids, modelling clay, sweets, etc.  If you are taking individual things then you do want about 73 items so each child is given something. The children’s ages ranged from 2 to about 8 years. Get a chance to dance with the mums and teachers in turn during break time.

    Musa Colley popularly known as Moses is the founder of the school and they get no government backing so most of the time the teachers work without pay, paying them a visit will help the school, take along anything that you think would be of benefit to them or a donation no matter how small would be appreciated.
    After this you will then visit local house, were you will be introduce to a local family and also shown around the family home. These people live very simply as they have few belongings. Finally get a delicious and the best meal you would ever have in Gambia.

    So please don’t miss this great expedition on this special day.

    Senegal Experience:

    Experience the natural beauty that surrounds traditional villages of the ‘Real Africa’. The Gambia’s neighbor is not well known to many British, but is very inch as friendly and equally as fascinating. Ride among herds or antelopes crowned by the western Giant élan – the rarest one. You will drive up to the giraffe, rhinos and buffaloes and spot monkey families on giant African mahogany trees. Not to be missed.

    Georgetown trip / overnight:

    This is a two day tour which takes you upriver into the heart of Gambia. Stay overnight in a traditional African camp, then visit the mysterious stone circle of Wassu, the old colonial buildings of Georgetown and a boat trip to McCarthy Island you will also visit a small Island called Panton Island where you will hopefully sight hippos, chimpanzees, birds and others. This excursion last for 2 full days.

    TDA Tour:

    This is a tour that shows you the Tourism Development Area of the Gambia coastal area. The tour takes you to see the crocodile, craft market, monkey, visit to local wind factory for a taste of local palm wine, then to paradise beach where you have lunch a swim and finally stopping at Tanji fishing center.

    Ethnic cruising:

    A relaxing day on a traditional pirogue boat to meander through the mangroves, top your tan on the upper deck and even cool down in the water with a refreshing swim. The afternoon involves more relaxing, sighting birds, or a chance do some fishing and a visit to Lamin lodge and guess what you will the chance of direct contact with the guide and the captain.

    Abuko Nature Reserve and Lamin Lodge

    This trip takes you to see the Abuko nature reserve where you have a walk into the forest to see the monkeys in their tree top playground and many exotic and colorful birds. Then drive to Lamin lodge, the highlight will take you for a ride on a traditional boat to get into the creek for an hour great experience you can't afford to miss.

    Roots trip by Land

    According to Alex Haley's novel Roots, the Gambia River provided one of the clues that helped him trace his American family through the history of slavery back to Africa. We offer an exciting trip showing the origins, history and remnants of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade in The Gambia, Senegal and the surrounding West African region. Cross the busy ferry with the local to “Barra”, the first town in the North Bank of the country

    This is the only means of connecting to the Northern part of the country and also links the country to the North of Senegal. This is an experience not to be missed. The ferry crossing gives you an insight into river traffic in the Country.

    Join your jeeps and drive on to “Jufureh”/”Albreda”. Visit the historic slave museum before joining a boat trip to “James Island”, now rename Kunta Kinteh Island, the place where most of the slaves transported from the Gambia were kept for a fourth night, before being transported to Goree in north Senegal on a journey of no return.

    Come back and visit the 7th generation of “Kunta Kinteh”. Get your lunch and a drive back at 15:00 hrs to the ferry terminal. These 200 years old history is something you must not miss having the opportunity to visit the Gambia….

    This is another experience to join local on the Banjul Barra ferry crossing; contact us on the following contact details below.

    Contact CEO Moses Colley - Experience the Real Gambia Trips and excursions, tailor made excursion to see the real Gambia, Email: - Mobile: +220 7716212/ +220 6716212